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It’s Not You, It’s Me – Plenty of Fish… And The Statistics Trap

01 May

Blog and social media statistics can inflate your ego. Those same statistics can just as easily deflate your ego. If you look at the statistics daily and fret over every fluctuation, you’ll drive yourself crazy. It’s better to look at the statistics weekly or monthly than it is to scrutinize daily fluctuations. As long as […]

Looks Count, But Experience Matters

24 Apr

During one of my presentations earlier this week I shared some samples of projects from former students. On the surface, the projects didn’t look like much. They were relatively simple Google Maps on which students had created placemarks about various events in history. As I shared the maps I explained the process that my students […]

How to Use Skype to Record Audio Interviews

10 Apr

This post is for my Uncle Bob who recently asked me how I was recording the interviews that I did earlier this year for Worms In the Fridge. My recommendation was to use Skype to call the person that you are interviewing and use QuickTime on a MacBook to record the call. The recording can […]

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