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What’s Old to You Is Amazing to Someone Else

10 Mar

One of the reasons I sometimes hear people give for not blogging, Tweeting, or otherwise participating in sharing their ideas online is, “I don’t have anything to say.” To that I often reply, “yes, you do.” The great thing about sharing online is that you never know who is going to discover what you share. […]

The Blog As a Narrative

19 Jan

Earlier this week I was Facebook chatting with my friend Kim about her blog. Kim was struggling with a direction for her blog. A lot of people struggle with the same thing. Sometimes the struggle comes from not knowing what to right about while other times it comes from having too many things to write […]

Identify an Audience and a Posting Schedule to Generate Blog Post Ideas

05 Jan

I often hear bloggers say that they “write for themselves” and they “only write when they feel inspired.” That’s fine if you don’t care about growing your audience. If you do care about growing your audience then “writing for yourself” only when you’re “inspired” won’t work . If you truly want to grow your audience […]

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