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What’s Old to You Is Amazing to Someone Else

10 Mar

One of the reasons I sometimes hear people give for not blogging, Tweeting, or otherwise participating in sharing their ideas online is, “I don’t have anything to say.” To that I often reply, “yes, you do.” The great thing about sharing online is that you never know who is going to discover what you share. […]

Why Email Is Still a Big Deal

16 Feb

Earlier this week Devon sent me a couple of great question through the Worms In the Fridge Facebook page. She wanted to know what the difference is between subscribers and followers. Devon also wanted to know why I chose email subscribers as one of my goal metrics. Why email is a big deal to bloggers The […]

I tried for a month…time to call it…

05 Feb

nah…just kidding. I’m not shutting down Worms In the Fridge. In fact, I just created a new Facebook page for it.  I’m having a great time writing and now podcasting for Worms In the Fridge. My goal for the first month was to have 100 email subscribers. I didn’t quite get there. That doesn’t mean […]

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