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Digging Up Worms – My 2015 In Review

02 Jan

I didn’t touch this blog at all in 2015 so if you’re surprised by the arrival of this post in your inbox, you should be. In 2016 I plan to use this blog again to write a mix of informational posts about blogging and posts about things happening in my professional life and personal life […]

The NPR Approach to Social Media

15 May

As I ¬†mentioned in a previous post about the blogs and authors that have influenced me I shared a video of Guy Kawasaki talking about his book,¬†Enchantment. Today, I watched a video of Guy talking at the Le Web conference in Paris. Early in the video (about seven minutes in) Guy starts talking about his […]

It’s Not You, It’s Me – Plenty of Fish… And The Statistics Trap

01 May

Blog and social media statistics can inflate your ego. Those same statistics can just as easily deflate your ego. If you look at the statistics daily and fret over every fluctuation, you’ll drive yourself crazy. It’s better to look at the statistics weekly or monthly than it is to scrutinize daily fluctuations. As long as […]

I Should vs. I Would Like To vs. I Will!

20 Apr

I should spend more time on my bike trainer to get ready for outdoor rides after mud season. I should go to bed instead of staying up late to watch the end of baseball or hockey game. I should hire a graphic designer to design logos for my blogs. I will spend 45 minutes per […]

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