The NPR Approach to Social Media

15 May

As I  mentioned in a previous post about the blogs and authors that have influenced me I shared a video of Guy Kawasaki talking about his book, Enchantment. Today, I watched a video of Guy talking at the Le Web conference in Paris. Early in the video (about seven minutes in) Guy starts talking about his approach to using social media. He explains his approach as being the “NPR model” of providing lots of great content all the time in order to earn the right to run telethons a few times a year. In the video Guy also explains why he repeats Tweets. This is a strategy that many social media experts disagree with using. Watch the first fourteen minutes of the video to hear Guy’s explanations.

What do you think about Guy’s strategies? Do you employ them? Will you try them? My thought is that you will need to have a minimum number of followers, perhaps 20,000 or more, in order to be able to employ the repeat strategy.

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