It’s Not You, It’s Me – Plenty of Fish… And The Statistics Trap

01 May

Blog and social media statistics can inflate your ego. Those same statistics can just as easily deflate your ego. If you look at the statistics daily and fret over every fluctuation, you’ll drive yourself crazy. It’s better to look at the statistics weekly or monthly than it is to scrutinize daily fluctuations. As long as the numbers are up at the end of the week or the month, you’re growing.

Here’s a screenshot of my subscriber fluctuation on Monday. If I fretted over this, I’d drive myself crazy.

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 4.11.20 PM

One of the many things that I like about FeedBlitz is that in addition to daily emails about subscriber changes (you can turn these off or just ignore them like I do) you can receive a weekly summary of subscriber increases or decreases. FeedBlitz offers tiered pricing based on the number of email subscribers you have with plans that start at $1.49/month (affiliate link). RSS management is free with all FeedBlitz email plans.

Three Reasons People Stop Following Your Blog

1. Something has changed in their lives. This could be a change in career, a change in lifestyle, or a change in goals. You can’t control those factors.

2. They’ve outgrown you. That might sound harsh, but it happens. There are blogs that I no longer read with regularity because the content doesn’t push me anymore. It doesn’t mean the content isn’t good, it just means that I need more. Problogger is a good example of this from my life. Problogger is a good resource for new bloggers and those new to making money from blogging, but after a while you’ll be looking for more. Remember, you can’t be everything to everyone.

3. Your content has changed. Perhaps you’ve taken a new direction in your blog and lost some folks in the transition. There’s nothing wrong with a change in direction, just be aware that not everyone is going to come along with you.

Avoid the daily statistics trap by focusing on growing your audience slowly and steadily.

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