Looks Count, But Experience Matters

24 Apr

During one of my presentations earlier this week I shared some samples of projects from former students. On the surface, the projects didn’t look like much. They were relatively simple Google Maps on which students had created placemarks about various events in history. As I shared the maps I explained the process that my students went through in creating the maps. More importantly, I shared the results of my students’ experiences and learning in creating the maps.

The maps that my students created in that learning experience were not the most polished custom Google Maps that you can find. I wasn’t terribly concerned about the “polish.” I was concerned about the experience and the learning that happened in the experience.

In blogging it is easy to get caught up in trying to make things look aesthetically pleasing, some of those things can be helpful (that’s for another post), but it is more important to share your experience than it it is to fuss over aesthetics.

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