I Should vs. I Would Like To vs. I Will!

20 Apr

I should spend more time on my bike trainer to get ready for outdoor rides after mud season. I should go to bed instead of staying up late to watch the end of baseball or hockey game. I should hire a graphic designer to design logos for my blogs.

I will spend 45 minutes per day on my bike trainer. I will go to bed at 10pm. I will hire a graphic designer.

Do you see the difference between the two sets of statements? We all have things that we should do. “Shoulds” are easy to ignore because they sound more like suggestions that requirements. “Wills” sound more a like a commitment and we tend to treat them as such. I write down my “I wills” in a notebook (yes, an actual paper notebook) every day.

The same word choice trick applies to the things we would like to do versus the things we will do. For a long time I wanted to go on an “adventure” trip. For a long time I didn’t have the money to go on a trip. Then when I finally had enough money to go on a trip, I didn’t do anything about it for a long time. I was good at putting it off. Finally, I wrote down “I will go on an adventure trip” and later that week I booked a sailing and skiing trip in Iceland (look for the pictures in late May).

What are your “shoulds?” Turn them into “I wills” and you just might find yourself accomplishing the things you’ve long wanted to do.

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