How to Use Skype to Record Audio Interviews

10 Apr

This post is for my Uncle Bob who recently asked me how I was recording the interviews that I did earlier this year for Worms In the Fridge. My recommendation was to use Skype to call the person that you are interviewing and use QuickTime on a MacBook to record the call. The recording can then be dropped into an audio editing tool like Garage Band. The screenshots of the process are included below.

Step 1: Call your contact. You can call by connecting to a Skype contact or you can call by dialing a phone number.


Step 2: While your call is in progress open QuickTime and select “New Audio Recording” from the “File” drop-down menu.


Step 3: Choose an input source for recording your call. Unless you have another microphone connected to your Mac, select “Built-in microphone.”Click the red “record” button when you’re ready to start capturing the conversation.


Step 4: After your call has ended, save the recording then export it to your desktop as “Audio Only.” You will then be able to use the audio recording in the sound editor of your choice.


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