How You Respond to Loss Can Make All the Difference…

26 Mar

Quick, imagine that you just lost $17,000! What’s your response? Do you wallow in self-pity? Go for a drink with a friend? Or figure out how to make $34,000?

This afternoon I got the news that no self-employed person wants, a $17,000 contract was canceled due to budget constraints (technically, the contract hadn’t been signed yet, but it was in their hands). My first reaction was, “crap!” My second reaction was to figure out my next move to make that $17,000 and then some. I could have gone for a drink with my friend Holly and complained about the loss, but that isn’t going to help me in the long-run.

Yesterday, I heard Warren Buffett talking about the day he lost $1,000,000,000.00 (that’s BILLION with a B). His reaction, “well let’s figure out a way to make it back.”

Three years ago I was struggling with depression and complaining to my friend Chris about everything under the sun. His advice, “you have a choice, you can let things suck or you can do something about it.” I did something about it.

Whining, complaining, and criticizing are easy things to do when things don’t go well. Do the hard work and that will make all the difference.


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