Three Blog Posts That Help Break Writer’s Block

20 Mar

Writer’s block is an affliction that nearly every blogger will face at one time or another. When I run into a block there are three types of blog posts that I can rely on to break me out of that funk. Just knowing about these three types of posts won’t automatically make you start writing, but they will help you get thinking about things to write about.

The How-to Post

This is my go-to post when I have a block. We all have something we can teach to others. Remember, what’s old to you is amazing to someone else so think about what someone coming to your blog for the first time might want to learn about. A good how-to post will include visuals that provide directions while helping you fill the column an making the post appear longer than simply text.

Admit Mistakes

Think about a mistake you’ve made (and are willing to publicly share) and what you’ve learned from that mistake to help others. One of my most popular Free Technology for Teachers posts a few years ago was about the mistakes I made the first couple of times I used a backchannel in my classroom.

Respond to requests

I frequently receive emails and Facebook messages from people who are looking for ideas or information about apps and sites. When I get those requests I turn my responses into blog posts.

How do you deal with writer’s block?

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