Archive | March, 2014

How You Respond to Loss Can Make All the Difference…

26 Mar

Quick, imagine that you just lost $17,000! What’s your response? Do you wallow in self-pity? Go for a drink with a friend? Or figure out how to make $34,000? This afternoon I got the news that no self-employed person wants, a $17,000 contract was canceled due to budget constraints (technically, the contract hadn’t been signed […]

The Schedule of a Full-time Blogger and Consultant

24 Mar

Self-employment is a dream that many people have. Some people want to be self-employed because they want flexibility in their work hours. Others want to work for themselves because they have a great idea that they want to bring to market. Still others want to become self-employed because they hate their current jobs. I don’t […]

Three Blog Posts That Help Break Writer’s Block

20 Mar

Writer’s block is an affliction that nearly every blogger will face at one time or another. When I run into a block there are three types of blog posts that I can rely on to break me out of that funk. Just knowing about these three types of posts won’t automatically make you start writing, […]

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