Archive | February, 2014

Small Steps to the Art of Explanation

12 Feb

Earlier this week I sat down to talk with Lee LeFever from Common Craft. Common Craft is a two person company that creates great video explanations of complex topics. Some of their most popular videos include Wikis In Plain English and RSS In Plain English. In the podcast Lee and I talk about the development […]

The Blogs and Authors That Have Influenced Me

05 Feb

One of the questions that I am asked on a fairly regular basis is “what blogs do you read?” Usually that question comes from someone who is trying to find out where I get my ideas and or inspiration. In a somewhat particular order here are the bloggers and authors that have influenced much of […]

I tried for a month…time to call it…

05 Feb

nah…just kidding. I’m not shutting down Worms In the Fridge. In fact, I just created a new Facebook page for it.  I’m having a great time writing and now podcasting for Worms In the Fridge. My goal for the first month was to have 100 email subscribers. I didn’t quite get there. That doesn’t mean […]

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