I tried for a month…time to call it…

05 Feb

nah…just kidding. I’m not shutting down Worms In the Fridge. In fact, I just created a new Facebook page for it.  I’m having a great time writing and now podcasting for Worms In the Fridge. My goal for the first month was to have 100 email subscribers. I didn’t quite get there. That doesn’t mean that no one is reading or no one cares.

Statistics Are a Trap!

State governments are obsessed with trying to quantify things that really aren’t meant to be quantified. In turn, they’re driving school administrators nuts who then drive teachers nuts who then drive students nuts with test prep. By the end of that line students view school as nothing more than test after test. Is it any wonder that more than 40% of new teachers quit within their first five years? Trying to quantify the unquantifiable will drive anyone crazy.

Ask a veteran teacher what keeps him or her in the profession and you’re likely to hear something about seeing kids grow, getting positive feedback from parents, or simply enjoying what they do. The students in my special education class we’re not scoring high on standardized tests, but I had more fun teaching them than any honors level course I ever taught. Go to a high school graduation ceremony and ask students what they’ll remember most or what kept them going when they thought about dropping out. You’re not likely to hear too much about standardized tests. You’ll hear plenty about their favorite teachers and the things they did with friends.

I didn’t hit my subscriber goal for the month. That’s no big deal because I know there are people reading who are enjoying the posts here, learning from them, and or being inspired by them. The secret to building a successful blog and to enjoying the process is to keep at it despite what the statistics might tell you. I’m judging the success of this blog by the feedback I’m getting in emails, G+ comments, and Facebook messages. That measurement could change in the future, but for now it works for me. How do you measure success of your efforts in blogging, in teaching, or anything else for that matter?

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