Archive | January, 2014

Making Time to Blog

05 Jan

“I don’t have time to blog.” That is the reason for not blogging or not blogging consistently that I hear more than any other excuse. I’ve heard my friend Scott McLeod say in response to that, “do you have time to think?” Scott makes a good point. To expand on that thought, think about the act […]

The Secret to Successful Blogs

05 Jan

I’ve never been naturally talented at anything that I’ve done. The only “talent” that I’ve been blessed with is an ability to work at things with bull-headed persistence. That persistence has paid-off many times in my life. When I was a teenager became a very good archer (I very briefly held a world record. I […]

Create an Online Hub About You

01 Jan

It is easy to jump into a social network like Twitter or Google+ and start sharing and connecting. However, the limitation of social networks, even Google+ which allows for longer form posts, is the lack of a conveniently accessible archive for people to scroll through to discover what you’re all about. When you visit Free […]

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