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22 Jan

I’ve previously mentioned the importance of creating and sticking to a regular posting schedule. Today, I want to share the importance of creating a schedule of blog post topics. Long before Worms In the Fridge went live on the web, I created a list of twenty-five blog post topics. At first the list was organized according to the order in which I thought of the posts. During the weeks before the blog went live I moved the order around to support the narrative I’m trying to develop here.

Have I stuck to the schedule of topics? No, I haven’t. I’ve deviated from the schedule to address some ideas that came up through questions from some of you. Like any teacher, I’m happy to alter the schedule to meet the needs of those I’m trying to help. And when questions don’t come in between posts, having the schedule helps me honor my commitment to posting every Wednesday and Sunday. For the next couple of months I don’t have to worry about “what will I post on Wednesday?” because I have a list of post topics ready to rock.

A good way to get your topics schedule started is to think about a big topic and break it down into three or four parts. If you think one of your posts might approach 1,000 words (which is a lot for a blog post) consider breaking it into two or three parts. You can do this by simply writing, “check back next week for part two.”  A more subtle method of splitting posts into multiple parts is by wrapping-up part one with a call to action and then starting part two by reminding people of the key element of part one. I did that very thing with this post and a previous post about creating a posting schedule.

Here’s a little “homework” assignment for you between now and Sunday’s post, create a list of fifteen post topics that will support the narrative you’re creating on your blog.

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