Don’t Let Perfect Be the Enemy of Good

12 Jan

One of the stumbling blocks that some people encounter as they try to publish new content is waiting for their new content to be perfect before they share it.

The web is fluid and the web has a short memory for most things. Don’t worry about your next blog post being absolutely perfect if doing so means that you can’t get it published on the schedule that you have set for yourself. In the early stages of a new blog momentum is key. Set that blogging schedule for yourself and stick to it until the habit of publishing on schedule is formed. So unless you’re writing a blog about grammar and language arts, it’s okay if you make a grammatical blunder or throw punctuation around like it’s confetti (that was a comment a professor put on one of my papers) because you can always go back and fix it.

On-time content is king.

The cliché in the professional blogging world is “content is king.” That is true, but content delivered late doesn’t help anyone.

I wanted to launch this blog on January 1st because I know that the beginning of the year is when lots of people make new or renewed commitments to blogging and other online projects. The struggle that I had in launching Worms In the Fridge was not creating the content for the blog posts. My struggle was with the visual design of the blog. I am not a graphic designer by any stretch of the imagination so I browsed through dozens of WordPress themes on WooThemes and StudioPress before I found one that I thought I could tweak to my liking. When I finally installed the theme there were a few things that I wanted to change that I just couldn’t pull off with my limited coding skills. But I had committed myself to getting the blog launched on January 1 so rather than fumbling around with CSS I decided to go with what you see now and get the content launched on time.

I can’t say it enough, create a blog posting schedule for yourself and stick to it even it means publishing when “it’s not perfect.”

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  • Philip_Cummings

    This one is tough for me, Richard. I have a hard time letting go of a post and pushing publish. I’d like to blame the English teacher in me, but it’s probably more insecurity than anything else. I’m trying to figure out a publishing schedule that I can stick to.

    • richardbyrne

      Hi Philip,
      I completely understand how posting and “letting it go” can be a struggle. It is not a method I would recommend to high school students who need to get in the habit of reading and editing their works before turning them in to their teachers. For adults, particularly adults who have a firm grasp on the key elements of writing, the “publish and go” method works in blogging. The one caveat I would add to that is don’t publish when you’re angry.

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