Spokes Without a Hub Are Just Random Sticks

01 Jan

In the June 2013 issue of Entrepreneur Ann Handley suggested that if you’re pressed for time to market your content (your service) then your blog should be your focus. I completely agree. Having a following on Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest is nice, but cultivating your presence on those networks should be secondary to producing material for your blog. Think of your blog as the central hub for your entire online presence. Your social media profiles are the spokes off of that hub. Those spokes are important but without that hub to anchor them they’re just random sticks.

Your blog is where you build up an archive of your best ideas (and sometimes your not so good ideas). That archive is important because you want to have something that first-time visitors can explore in order to really get a sense of who you are and what you offer. People often say tell me they don’t have time to blog yet they spend hours every week participating in conversations on social media. Those conversations are important as they do build your name recognition and they can spark ideas that become blog posts. But it’s hard to create a concise archive of what you say in those social media conversations. It’s also difficult to pitch your services in those social media conversations without appearing spammy and no one wants to appear spammy except for spammers themselves. Commit to building content on your blog each week before jumping into that next Twitter chat. My rule of thumb is a 3:1 ratio of time spent developing content for my blog to time spent chatting on social networks.

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