Archive | January, 2014

Experimental Blogging

29 Jan

The great thing about blogs is that nearly every aspect of them is easy to change. The color scheme, the layout, and the formatting of your posts can all be changed with just a few clicks of the mouse. The direction of your blog can also be changed with just a few blog posts. Some […]

Create a Schedule of Blog Topics

22 Jan

I’ve previously mentioned the importance of creating and sticking to a regular posting schedule. Today, I want to share the importance of creating a schedule of blog post topics. Long before Worms In the Fridge went live on the web, I created a list of twenty-five blog post topics. At first the list was organized […]

The Blog As a Narrative

19 Jan

Earlier this week I was Facebook chatting with my friend Kim about her blog. Kim was struggling with a direction for her blog. A lot of people struggle with the same thing. Sometimes the struggle comes from not knowing what to right about while other times it comes from having too many things to write […]

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